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“Dear Members of Young Microbiologists Association (YMA) Pakistan,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you all to our esteemed organization. YMA is the sole representative organization of microbiologists in Pakistan, and we are proud to have you as our valued members.

As we continue to navigate the ever-changing landscape of microbiology, it is important that we work together to advance our field and promote the importance of microbiology in our society. YMA provides a platform for all microbiologists in Pakistan to come together and collaborate on various initiatives, share knowledge, and engage in scientific discourse.

I encourage you all to actively participate in the activities and events organized by YMA, and contribute to our collective efforts to promote the advancement of microbiology in Pakistan. As we move forward, let us continue to uphold the values of YMA and strive towards excellence in our work.

Thank you for your continued support, and I look forward to working with you all towards a brighter future for microbiology in Pakistan.


Farhan Zafar Chaudhary 

President, Young Microbiologists Association (YMA) Pakistan

Young Microbiologists Association (YMA) is the sole representative organization of microbiologists in Pakistan. It is a non-profit organization established to promote microbiology research, education, and awareness in Pakistan. The association is dedicated to advancing the field of microbiology and helping young microbiologists in Pakistan to grow and thrive. Every Year Hundreds of students graduate or specialize in Microbiology from different public and private universities across Pakistan. Among them there are prestigious institutes like University of Karachi, Punjab University Lahore, GCU Lahore, GCU Faisalabad, UVAS Lahore, UAF, FUUAST Karachi, QAU Islamabad, University of Okara, and BZU Multan. But unfortunately, they do not get much preference and opportunities in research, job and higher studies as other professions had. Keeping in view of this (disheartening) dismal situation, Mr. Farhan Zafar Chaudhry, a post graduate in Microbiology and his team from GCU Faisalabad took the initiative and founded Young Microbiologists Association YMA in 2020, an organization which is striving for the rights for microbiologists in the country and will highlight the major issues that microbiologists are facing in front of concerned authorities.

YOUNG MICROBIOLOGISTS ASSOCIATION is the only organization working for the rights of microbiologists in Pakistan since 2020.

We are enlightening the importance of microbiology as core subject in all the public and private institutions in Pakistan.
YMA provides an excellent platform for young microbiologists to connect with other professionals in the field. Members can network with peers and mentors, collaborate on research projects, and learn about new developments in microbiology.

YMA offers workshops, seminars, and training programs on various topics related to microbiology. These opportunities help members enhance their knowledge and skills and keep them up-to-date with the latest developments in the field.

YMA offers career development programs, including mentorship and abroad scholarship services, to its members. These programs help young microbiologists to establish successful careers in abroad as well.

We provide awareness to people about need and key role of microbiology in everyday life through print, electronic and social media.

We also organize seminars, webinars, meetings and conferences to create best available team to work for the achievement of our objectives.

YMA is committed to raising awareness about microbiology and its importance in society. The association conducts various outreach activities, including public lectures, school visits, and community events, to promote the field of microbiology and inspire future generations of microbiologists.

Join YMA today and become a part of Pakistan’s leading microbiology community. We wish every microbiologist should work with us for the achievement of our due rights.

We demand
To provide practical training and internships to microbiology undergraduate and graduate students.
To provide maximum facilities and funds to different areas of research in microbiology.
To design and approve comprehensive policy for jobs for microbiologist in the Government as well as private sector.
To give proper Licensing policy for qualified microbiologists for Entrepreneurship.
To increase more sanctioned post of microbiologists in Government health care and environment protection institutes and appoint only those having degree of microbiology on sanctioned post of microbiologists.
To guide microbiology students to get scholarship opportunities to study abroad.

Microbiologists are shaping our lives – Food safety and food production to prevention of disease. Role of microbiologist in developing green technologies gives hope to world for sustainable growth. Microbiologists aim to answer many important global questions by understanding microbes. They work in many places, from labs in universities, research institutes and industrial companies, to investigating microbes in fieldwork. However, knowledge of Microbiology is not just important for these careers. Microbiologists can also use their knowledge and skills in a wide range of careers in industry (marketing, technical support and regulatory affairs) education (teaching, museums and science centers), business (patent attorney or accountant) and communications (public relations, journalism and publishing).

Connecting Young Microbiologists in Pakistan.

Join the Young Microbiologists Association to advance your career and connect with fellow microbiologists in Pakistan.

Expand your network.

Join YMA to meet fellow young microbiologists in Pakistan and expand your professional network. Share resources, opportunities, and ideas with other members.


Access to job opportunities.

Members of Young Microbiologists Association get access to job opportunities in the field of microbiology in Pakistan. YMA works with companies and organizations to provide job listings exclusively to our members.


Professional development opportunities.

Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in microbiology by attending events and conferences organized by YMA. Take part in workshops and training sessions to develop your skills.



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